UX Copywriting

UX Writing is the creative craft of researching and understanding the user to deliver a comprehensive micro-copy to help the reader take the desired action. Sometimes called Content Design in the UK, it’s vital for websites, apps and much more. It’s also necessary to extend a product’s identity and voice, reinforcing the brand’s reputation and boosting business conversion.

Hi, I’m Robert Barber and I’m an expert in UX Copywriting. For more than 15 years I’ve worked on a broad number of projects where I researched, planned and created useful micro-copies for websites, apps, intranets and other interactive environments.

What does make UX Copywriting unique?

UX Copywriting is a very specific kind of writing that requires a deep study of the usuario, the product and the context. There are a few characteristics that are essential to obtain a successful micro-copy:


Rule number one is being clear and concise. Micro-copies can’t have a heavy or hampered message.


No matter where our reader is from, or what’s their background, the message has to be easy to understand.


Where the copy is displayed matters, optimising words, length and tone of voice to boost its effectiveness.


Guiding the reader’s path from the beginning and understanding what they expect from their navigation.


All the above has to keep a fair balance where there’s a 20% of Branding and an 80% of an effective message.

Why UX Writing is important for my business?

From a Product to a Marketing perspective, UX Writing is the key to creating successful communication and obtaining positive results. Also called content Design, it is necessary as fine graphic design or effective programming – hence the importance of working closely not only with designers but also with developers and marketers. This resumes in these three keys:

  • Writing meaningful copywriting aimed to direct users to take action
  • Composing a three-way harmony between the product layout, the brand’s voice and copy
  • Anticipating users’ behaviour and translating techy jargon to create an effective conversation

This is why a professional UX copywriter makes a difference. A “Humans go first” approach oriented to solving users’ problems and ensuring business goals.

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