Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriting is the art and skill of using human creativity and imagination to create a captivating and persuasive message for the target. It involves researching the market, understanding the audience and the brand identity and crafting strategies and techniques to express messages in an effective and engaging way. Creative copywriting aims to achieve marketing goals by attracting and influencing the target’s behaviour and emotions.

Hi, I’m Robert Barber and I’m a professional Creative Copywriter. With a broad experience from agencies to in-house I conceptualised advertising campaigns, created brands taglines and slogans during the last 15 years.

What is a Creative Copywriter?

A Creative Copywriter is a marketing professional trained to craft ideas that will cross throughout the audience to impact the target. These ideas may transform into a message that will move the target to buy a product or service. This may happen through an advertising campaign enhancing the USPs (unique selling propositions); building strong brand communication via slogans or a characteristic tone of voice; or, essentially, building any communication that outstands the competitors and brings results.

So, in a nutshell, a Creative Copywriter is a Strategic Thinker able to write even without words. It’s a professional brand maker who understands the USPs and the audience to develop an idea or message that may change everything.

How does a Creative Copywriter do their job?

A Creative Copywriter does a very specific contribution during the creative process. Besides being called “a writer”, a Creative Copywriter is a thinker full of questions to understand the product or service, the target in the audience and the channel where the message is going to be delivered.

ListeningThinkingAsking questionsThinking againAsking more questionsThinking againTaking a breakThinking once againWriting

Creative Copywriting Process
  • Listening is an essential part of the Creative Copywriter’s job. Paying attention to what the client wants, needs and lacks.
  • Thinking is a 45% minimum of the Creative Copywriting process. Finding questions in order to get more answers and, ultimately, the right answer.
  • Taking a break and looking for another perspective. Breathing, letting other ideas flow and relaxing to think out of the box.

Only then a Creative Copywriter will develop the idea for the most effective communication. An exhaustive process to create an outstanding message that will hit the centre of the target not only informing the audience but also making it part of the communication process and inviting them to buy any product or service.

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