Content Writing

Content Writing can be the foundation of a marketing strategy. It can be the core of our campaign message or how a product or a brand talks with its own audience. With well-designed content, we can build an emotional relationship with our readers and turn them into real prescribers. Content has many shapes and applications but, never forget, content is king.

Hi, I’m Robert Barber and I’m an expert in Content Writing. For more than 15 years I’ve worked with a vast and diverse number of brands and products, writing and coordinating thrilling content oriented to engage, motivate and foremost convert.

How does Content Writing Work?

Content writing is a delicate and meticulous process where the intention is key. Content farms or, ultimately IA are respectable options but they’re not enough. You will need a strategy and foremost a sensitive writer that connects with your audience. These are the necessary 4 steps to get suitable content for your brand:


Finding what really matters to the audience.


Building a strong content strategy.


Producing attractive, relevant content.


Placing recurring engaging content.

Why do we need a good Content Writer?

Content is everywhere, everywhere you look around. From a blog to a product description, social media posts, video scripts or YouTube engaging descriptions. Hence, content is king, especially fresh and engaging content.

You need a good content writer who can develop content easy to read, understand and share. This means it grabs and keeps people’s attention motivating them to interact with your brand and buy your product.

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