Creativity likes AI

Creativity likes AI, because even though we’re scared it might take our jobs, who but us will have the initiative, the irreverence, the intention? As long as curiosity is only ours, nobody will snatch our creativity.

The debate about the influence of Artificial Intelligence on Creativity seems to be at a standstill. While the more optimistic ones see endless opportunities, the more worried ones about the landing of this technology fear a revolution of the machines that could end with thousands or millions of jobs.

It revives what Umberto Eco called Apocalyptic and Integrated, into his book Apocalittici e integrati (Partial English translation: Apocalypse Postponed) published in 1964. Eco referred to the movements both cultural and of thinkers and politicians that positioned themselves for or against the mass media. A sociological, ethical but also semiotic debate, about how communication would lose its identity to become something global.

Creativity likes AI

Almost 70 years later, the Internet has wiped out any doubt about how globalization impacts native cultural identity. Nowadays, we have a similar debate. What will be the impact of creation in the hands of robots? Will capitalism take this tool for its benefit causing millions of losses of jobs?

Predicting is complicated. Whatever the future holds, it always awaits us with optimism. Art, since we are bipeds, has been evolving. Will it do so with the help of Artificial Intelligence?

As I told a workmate, a bit worried about how DALL-E could impact design, this happened years ago. The same with ChatGPT, it also happened decades ago. Simply things changed and jobs adapted. We face a tool that we have to learn to handle at a technical level and as a society.

Machines can imitate human and creative work, but the intention, intimacy of the creative process, and humanity in the art are exclusively ours. Let’s learn how Creativity likes AI and do it right.

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