International Copywriting

You just clicked, tapped, beeped to International copywriting and probably you are thinking: “what the heck is that? That guy means he translates his own copies, doesn’t he?. NO, IT IS NOT TRANSLATION, IT IS INTERNATIONAL COPYWRITING. Let me explain what we do and why sometimes I speak with “I” and sometimes with “We”.

With I’m Robert Barber you are not hiring a copywriter and a bunch of translators. We go further and we offer you a complete service where our main goal is to communicate what you really need.

The perfect message has the perfect pitch. We work audience oriented and we speak naturally as the audience do. Being persuasive or reaching engagement can’t be in other way.

Internationalisation process

To take your brand overseas we always use the very same process, the one that works. Here we want to reach your audience, speak to them and make them clear.


We search, dig, sniff all the market comunications to reach a super analysis similar to your brand and make it distinguishable.


We put all the cards on the table and we choose the only ones we want to play with the ideal communication strategy.


We select the ideal native copywriter to speak loud and clear to your target to make them understand our message.


We do copywriting, written or conceptualised, totally oriented to your company or project success.

It doesnt matter if you go for digital copywriting, offline copywriting or you need some storytlling or branding. We can always jump to the International copywriting. Are you ready?

Contact me and let’s talk about International Copywriting.

Your brand can go further, bigger, stronger…