Translating your website is not the best option

Perhaps you have a small business or even a blossoming startup and your idea is to grow on Internet. Obviously you will need a proper copywriting to introduce your product, to display your services or offer your amazing stuff. Being on Internet you can reach a big audience and it is natural to grow to other markets. Translating your website is not the best option, you might consider this:

A powerful and brilliant translation is super useful in many ways. Professional translators work with words but also with concepts. They can help you to adapt a legal document, an instructions leaflet or maybe a Business Telephone Script, with a very well located translation.

A good copywriting always place the user in the centre of the dialogue. That means it is vital to be clear but also to speak the same language, connecting within the same emotions than our receiver. A good copywriter is able to recognise, and analyse, the ulterior motives, double readings and subtleness of one country’s idiosyncrasy.

If you are after a cheap and easy translation you can use tools such Google Translator or Bing. Probably users will understand your messages, they also will understand they are not so important to you as the text has a difficult syntax and probably is “riddled with errors”. You will deliver your message but not your persuasive intentions.

Robert Barber Copywriting

Using a professional translator you get the warranty of quality texts that can help the user to understand what you really want to transmit. Translators can do amazing job, I work with a lot of them and they can create beautiful texts, very persuasive copies and get brilliant results.

But why a copywriter is the best option even if you have your original copy in your own language? Let’s picture this in a very clear example: imagine you are doing business in Hong Kong and you are swapping business cards, you extend your right hand and you give it to the other businesswoman. She takes it and offers you hers grabbing it with her two hands at the time she lean her head. Body language is totally different. Probably the next time you will do as she did, right?

Your business will grow faster if your product speaks local, yes, that reminds you that “think global, act local“, and it is totally true. A website with its local personality will engage, persuade and represent you better than any other option. When you want to grow but also engage (that means to stay), you need the local personality to speak with the perfect speech, tone of voice and the wise words.

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